David Spiegel is a philosophy professor and has spent over 20 years studying issues in Christian apologetics and philosophy. 

"Dave Spiegel will challenge your thinking with his scholarly, yet humorously entertaining, apologetics lectures. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, give Dave a listen. You won't regret it!"

Randy Brandt,

The purpose of this website is to offer apologetic lectures that you can listen to right now!  Each of the icons in the cluster to your left takes you to a separate page that features different apologetic lecture links.  Just click on those links and the lectures begin! (One of these pages even has a complete 10-hour apologetic course with a detailed notebook packet that you can print out.)  

****I recommend that you start by clicking on the Seashell icon and listen to the lecture “Why Apologetics is Important.”   This specific lecture deals with the stereotype that Christianity is a blind faith.  I argue on the contrary that Christianity is a faith based on fact, and that there is nothing blind about a decision for Christianity.   This “live lecture” is very thought provoking and inspiring!

Enjoy learning this stuff!  I believe that this website will serve you well by exposing you to a very solid case for Christianity.

In Defense of Him,
David L. Spiegel


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